The David Harper
The David Harper
I'm an actor. You probably saw me in Trader Joe's


As a writer, David has created a variety of award-winning projects for film, streaming, and theatre. 


The dalliance

A hospital patient awakes to find the Angel of Death sitting next to his bed. But is she there to take his soul, or just the stimulating conversation?

An official selection at international festivals in Berlin and Austin.

Patient: David Harper

Death: Jacqueline Claire

Director: Eduardo Garcia

keeping up with the reapers

Mike and Janine are just an ordinary couple. They're also Reapers. That's going to make things awkward at the neighborhood BBQ.

An official selection at the New Media Film Festival and the New York Los Angeles International Film Festival



Mike: David Harper

Janine: Jacqueline Claire

Director: Chris Game



Health & Disorder

In the nationalized health care system, the people are represented by two separate, but equally important groups: The doctors who investigate disease, and the bureaucracy that prosecutes the patients.

Official selection and winner of the Award of Merit at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.


Joey: David Harper

Dr. Ray: June Carryl

Dr. Lenny: Jerry Kernion

Dr. Standish: Tracy Elliot

Director: Richard Tatum


hey buddy

A web series that ran for six seasons, Hey Buddy explored the differences (and odd similarities) between a millennial and her ... um ... slightly older roommate.


Dave (and many other characters): David Harper

Jackie (and many other characters): Jacqueline Claire

Director: Jacqueline Claire

mike stone: actor

An eight-episode, comedic film noir web series about a d-list actor who solves career mysteries for up and coming starlets. A femme-fatale in every episode, and the guy never gets the girl.  

Official selection in the Sarasota International Film Festival.

Mike Stone: David Harper

Liz Lively: Anna Borchert

Martin Newberg: Carl Wawrina

Megan Macko: Christina Brooks

Nelly Neal: Cat LaCohie

Kate Sheer: Renata Green-Gaber

Paige Paisley: Rana Rines

Nancy Nills: Jennifer Kelly

Lindsey Lane: Lindsey Payne

Samantha Dupree: Jacqueline Claire

Director: Renata Green-Gaber



Nicky_Trey (1).png

life lessons with nicky trey

A New York mobster decides to become a life coach, and creates a web series to share his hard earned wisdom about things like teamwork, goal setting, and open, honest communication. Unless you're talkin' to a cop. Then you don't say nothin'.


Nicky Trey: David Harper

Director: David Harper


poly bunker sings!

Co-written and co-produced with his creative partner, Rana Rines, Poly Bunker Sings! is a play in three parts: A sitcom about a polyamorous household, a dark comedy about two people locked in a mysterious bunker, and a musical comedy about a woman who comes to Hollywood in hopes of meeting Tom Hanks.


Co-written, co-produced, and costarring David Harper and Rana Rines.

Also starring: Anna Sambrooks, Allison Johnson

Musical Accompaniment: Marissa Steingold

please stand clear, the doors are closing

A tragicomic one-man show that invites you to ponder life, death, and all the scary stuff in between through the eyes of 12 riders on the Los Angeles Metro Expo Line train.

Each station stop brings aboard a new character with a new perspective on topics such as government intrusion, prescription medication, how to deal with the homeless, and the loneliness that comes with aging.



Written and performed by: David Harper

Directed by: Chris Game



Harperjdav_solo_show_poster_1010 (1).jpg

Snapshot - 2.png

crazy curry

Shot entirely on cell phones and web cams, Crazy Curry is the story of a long distance misunderstanding that leads to a take out delivery from New York to Los Angeles. And a new friendship forged in the process.



Michael: David Harper

Carrie: Jacqueline Claire

Director: David Harper

Upcoming Projects

David has several projects in development, pre-production, and production. He recently booked a recurring role in a new series that begins production in September 2018. He is currently working on season 2 of his animated series, Texas Willie, and is busy directing theatre for the Short & Sweet Hollywood theatre festival.