The David Harper
The David Harper
I'm an actor. You probably saw me in Trader Joe's


David has created and partnered with several independent production companies to produce entertaining and thought provoking content for film, streaming, and theatre.


Working with companies such as KE Film, Absolute Theatre, and Lurking Cat Films, David has produced festival darlings and award winners such as The Dalliance, Health & Disorder, Keeping Up With the Reapers, Crazy Curry, and more. He continues to create and produce films for the festival circuit, and has recently turned his attention to animation.


Under the brands Lurking Cat Films and 60 Second Cinema, David has created and produced the streaming series Mike Stone: Actor, Life Lessons with Nicky Trey, and Hey Buddy. He is currently in production on a new live action series, Chasing Mandela, and an animated series, Texas Willie.


David has produced ensemble theatre under the brands DH Squared and Sly Fortress Productions. He has also independently written and produced two award-winning one-man shows, and performed in theaters from LA to New York.