The David Harper
The David Harper
I'm an actor. You probably saw me in Trader Joe's

On Screen

David Harper isn't a bad guy. Or a weird guy. But you wouldn't know it to see him on screen. He has been cast as a wide variety of gangsters, cops, and other nefarious ne'er-do-wells, as well as enigmatic and comedic characters in dozens of films and TV shows. You can watch a two and a half minute sampling of his work here, or scroll down for individual clips from selected projects.

"Not only were you professional, but you were fun to work with" -Philip Kreyche, Director, Kidon

"A brilliant actor and a fantastic person" -Sergio Carvajal, Director, Tiramisu for Two

"You've been fantastic this entire shoot, not just as an actor, but as a person" -Gil Austin, Director,   My Naked Villainy

"Your positive attitude is incredibly appreciated" -Mike McCutchen, Director, The Next Kill

On Stage

David has won multiple awards for his theatrical work, and has performed in venues from LA to New York. His theatrical performances include playing 14 separate characters in Eric Coble's Virtual Devotion, George in David Mamet's The Duck Variations, as well as work in productions by Neil Simon, Sam Shepard, Sarah Kane, and Jeffrey Hatcher.

He has written and performed three one man shows, "I am not a Preacher," "I Hope You're Taking Notes," and the critically acclaimed "Please Stand Clear, the Doors are Closing," in which he plays 12 distinct characters riding the LA Metro Expo Line train. He has won multiple awards for his solo performances.

He has been called "A true theatre artist" and "A genius in the characters he brings to life." 


Selected Footage





My haunted house 

Playing a local historian who helps a couple investigate the history of their haunted property.






Playing a bad dude (like a really, really bad dude) in the thriller feature Appetites. 





mike stone: actor

Film noir. Very, very noir.





woods porn

Not as naughty as it sounds :) Playing a crazy homeless guy in a parody of 80's creature features.





the dalliance

We all have to die sometime. Do we get a choice as to when?





A simple job

But when the job is given to you by a mob boss, it ain't gonna be that simple.






keeping up with the reapers

Playing a Grim Reaper. Who is married. And lives next door to you ...





summer league

A small town attorney trying to help a city girl.






tiramisu for two

A volunteer police officer. Very, very volunteer ...